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Welcome our new Practitioners

Help us to Welcome Osteopaths Dr. David Lorenzi and  Dr. Hayley Higgins to our clinic!

We are also excited to welcome Reiki Practitioner Sara King to the practice.

Reiki energy healing is a type of energy healing developed in the early 20th century in Japan. It is becoming well known for it’s ability to reduce pain, inflammation, and stress. It is a therapy that works with your energy system to release pain and tension, both emotional and physical, and brings balance and well-being back into your life.


Your healing session will commence with a consultation about what you are seeking help with. Once this is complete, you will lie fully clothed on the therapy table and be covered with a blanket for your comfort.

The practitioner will then clear any areas of energy imbalance, pain and tension by holding their hands above or lightly on your body and directing energy into it. Typically you may feel a mild warmth or a tingling sensation followed by a sense of lightness and peace.

Reiki Energy Healing may be able to assist with a wide range of conditions including:



Feeling of being overwhelmed

Pain such as sciatica and headaches


Reiki Energy Healing is very gentle and is suitable for all ages and stages of health. It can be used as a stand alone method or creating wellness but it also complements other treatments.

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