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Following an initial assessment with one of our Pilates instructors, clients can choose to have private sessions (one on one), semi private sessions (two on one) or group classes which have a maximum of 3 participants. All group sessions run for 1 hour and assessments take between 45 – 60 minutes.


Our instructors are highly trained with Polestar Pilates Australia, and are always keeping up to date with the latest research and knowledge in Pilates.


Clinical Pilates is a form of exercise and rehabilitation which combines traditional Pilates methods, developed by Joseph Pilates, and current research into lumbar and core stability. Pilates involves principles which each workout is centred around. These include:

  • Concentration
  • Control (including strength)
  • Flowing movement
  • Centering & Breathing
  • Precision
  • Isolation (including flexibility)

Whilst the main focus of each session is improving core stability, all principles are used and exercises involve the entire body. This helps to improve strength, flexibility, posture, correct breathing patterns and mental focus.

Private health fund rebates may apply for the assessment and semi-private sessions.

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