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Kat Dean


Kat was inspired to become a Myotherapist due to growing up playing many sports and struggling with injuries and pain herself. She always loved learning about the human body and how it functions whether it is from day-to-day activities or with professional athletes wanting to perform at their best. 

Whilst she has worked with athletes from Melbourne City Soccer Club, South East Melbourne Phoenix basketball Club and the Victorian Soccer team she also loves working at rejuvenating health retreats helping individuals to relieve stress and find comfort. Kat loves working with all different types of pain but has a particular interest in chronic pain due to the understanding of what pain is and how we feel it.  

In her work, Kat aims to reduce pain in her clients using deep tissue massage, joint mobilisation, myofascial cupping and dry needling as well as providing an educational platform for clients to learn about their body and how they can help themselves at home through rehabilitation exercises. Kat also assess and treats nerve pain.

In her future, she is interested in studying Occupational Therapy to increase her knowledge of rehabilitation, helping women through pregnancy as well as researching the effects of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and how it helps to improve chronic pain sufferers hoping to implement this technique into her work.

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